Volume 53, Iss. 4, 2018

Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

53, Iss. 4, 2018
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27-29 September, 2017

Sofia, Bulgaria

Plant mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles using extracts from Tilia cordata, Matricaria chamomilla, Calendula officinalis and Lavandula angustifolia flowers

Borislava Mladenova, Svetlomir Diankov, Maria Karsheva, Simeon Stankov, Ivaylo Hinkov


Optimization of extraction of antioxidants from Bulgarian Mavrud by-products

Vanya Dimcheva, Maria Karsheva, Svetlomir Diankov, Ivaylo Hinkov


Green extraction of high added value substances from spent coffee grounds: preliminary results

Silvia S. Georgieva, José A.P. Coelho, Filipe C. Campos, M. Paula Robalo, Roumiana P. Stateva


Binary adsorption of copper and sulfates on barium-modified clinoptilolite

Silviya Lavrova-Popova, Zvezdelina Yaneva


Removal of pesticides and desethylatrazine (dea) by nanofiltration: Effects of organic and inorganic solutes on solute rejection

Ibrahim Musbah, Delphine Cicéron, Abdellah Saboni, Silvia Alexandrova


The influence of surfactants on the drainage and rupture of mobile liquid films between drops: A parametric numerical study

Silvia Alexandrova, Maria Karsheva, Aleksandar M. Spasic, Abdellah Saboni


Dual-mode distributed model predictive control of a quadruple-tank system

Alexandra Grancharova, Tor A. Johansen, Sorin Olaru


Microbial production of 1-butanol – recent advances and future prospects

Flora Tsvetanova, Penka Petrova, Kaloyan Petrov


Application of three-stage approach to isolation and purification of Pseudozyma antarctica lipase B

Borislav Borisov, Daniela Manova, Spaska Yaneva, Dancho Danalev, Lyubov Yotova


Copper phytofiltration and sulfates removal from aqueous media in subsurface vertical flow wetland by Phragmites australis

Silviya Lavrova-Popova, Grigor Hlebarov


Chemical composition of different types of compost

Metodi Mladenov


Calibration of gc/ms method and validation of the modified sample preparation for determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Ivan Givechev, Dancho Danalev, Spaska Yaneva, Dimitar Tanev


First steps of development of a method for simultaneous determination of cholesterol and fatty acids in food matrices

Hayssam El Mazbouh, Ivan Givechev, Dimitar Tanev, Spaska Yaneva, Dancho Danalev


Spectroscopic study of the template synthesized intermetallic (Co-Sn, Ni-Sn, Co-Ni) nanoparticles with a carbon support

Ivania Markova, Mehmet Piskin, Ivan Zahariev, Dimka Ivanova, Ludmil Fachikov, Evangelis Christoforou


Effect of the potential on the film composition and the stress corrosion cracking of mild steel in ammonium nitrate solutions

Dimka I. Ivanova, Ludmil B. Fachikov


Optical and color characteristics of porous alumina with electrochemically incorporated silver

Denitsa Kiradzhiyska, Rositsa Mantcheva, Christian Girginov, Stephan Kozhukharov


Structural investigation of tellurium based thin films

Vladislava Ivanova, Yordanka Trifonova, Vanya Lilova, Valdec Mikli, Angelina Stoyanova-Ivanova


Physico-chemical characterization of new tellurium based chalcogenide materials

Yordanka Trifonova, Vladislava Ivanova, Vanya Lilova, Desislava Vasileva, Tanya Boteva


Glass-crystall materials containing Bi12TiO20 and Bi4Ti3O12 phases obtained from freelycooled melts of Bi2O3-TiO2-SiO2-Nd2O3 system

Stanislav Slavov, Zheng Jiao


Contribution to strengthened reinforced concrete structures by externally bonded carbon fibres fabrics

Dimitar Dontchev, Ivelina Ivanova, Jules Assih


Green business management as а business opportunity for small and medium-size enterprises in polymer industry

Elka Vasileva, Yuliya Hristova-Pesheva, Daniela Ivanova


Student-centered learning in a bilingual environment – a possible approach to achieve specific goals in engineerng education

Veselina Kolarski, Dancho Danalev, Senia Terzieva


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