Volume 52, Iss. 4, 2017

Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

52, Iss. 4, 2017
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Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
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University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
8 Kl. Ohridski, 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
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Invited Editors:

Prof. D.Sc. Igor P. Mazur

Prof. D.Sc. Anatoly K. Pogodaev



The influence of nanoscale precipitation of aluminum nitride on the formation of recrystallization texture in aluminum deoxidized low-carbon steels

Valery V. Shkatov, Anatoly K. Pogodaev, Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Igor P. Mazur


High-temperature tempering of high-speed steels with minimum content of retained austenite

Dmitriy A. Barchukov, Alexei U. Lavrentiev, Ekaterina F. Romanenko, Alexander V. Filonovich


Features of change of the structure and mechanical properties of steel at ECAP depending on the initial state

Sergey Lezhnev, Abdrakhman Naizabekov, Irina Volokitina


Optimizing the composition of magnetic polymer sealing composites with the application of slag ferromagnetic filler

Margarita А. Goncharova, Artem V. Komarichev, Sergey V. Мaklakov, Olga V. Каraseva


Development of new steel grades for automotive ball studs and their implementation into the manufacturing process

Igor G. Gun, Igor А.Mikhailovsky, Igor Yu. Mezin, Аleksandr S. Limarev


Improvement of surface quality of rolled section steel for springs manufacturing

Alexander B. Moller, Oleg N. Tulupov, Sergey A. Fedoseev


Investigation of interaction of carbonitrided teeth friction surfaces in gear wheels

Yuriy Zhirkin, Yekaterina Puzik, Vyacheslav Slavin, Dmitriy Terentyev


Study of structure and properties of high-speed steels treated by gas & laser beam cutting and laser weld tempering

Inna A. Barabonova, Ekaterina F. Romanenko, Evgeny V. Skorkin, Igor M. Volodin


Research on the process of scale pickup on the rolls of the continuous-casting machine and its indentation in continuous cast steel billets

Nicolay N. Ogarkov, Sergey I. Platov, Dim V. Sufianov, Valeriy L. Steblyanko


Influence of the transversal displacements of metal on the camber formation of hot-rolled strip

Sergey M. Belskiy, Svetla Yankova, Igor P. Mazur, Alexander O. Stoyakin


Approach to assessment of microdamages accumulated during the constrained molding of shells made of the material subject to energy theory of creep and damage

Sergey N. Larin, Valeriy I. Platonov, Konstantin N. Solomonov


Analysis of service durability of high manganese cast steels under abrasive and impact-abrasive wear conditions

Konstantin N. Vdovin, Nikolay A. Feoktistov, Viktor P. Chernov, Boris A. Kulakov


Improvement of iron ore burden components distribution when charging into blast furnace top by physical and mathematical modeling of fixed effects

Salavat K. Sibagatullin, Alexander S. Kharchenko, Leonid D. Devyatchenko, Valery L. Steblyanko


The influence of strip temperature on the load of the hot strip mill finishing group looper

Evgeny E. Didenko, Victor N. Meshcheryakov


Research of structural phase transformations in the fusion area of bimetallic punching tools

Aleksei Y. Lavrentev, Aleksei М. Dozhdelev, Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Alexander V. Filonovich


Mathematical modeling of multiphase system in tundish of continuous casting machine: Theory and experiments

Oleksiy Smirnov, Yevgen Smyrnov, Seppo Louhenkilpi, Oleg Smyrnov


Modeling of the energy potential saving in the production of seamless pipes

Vladimir Belevitin, Yevgen Smyrnov, Sergey Kovalenko, Aleksandr Suvorov, Vitalii Skliar


The research on surface properties of welding slags and electrode coatings

Sergey V. Mikhaylitsyn, Maxim A. Sheksheev, Igor P. Mazur , Sergey I. Platov, Alexander B. Sychkov


Interval date aggregation in technological databases and application for slabs defects prediction

Anatoly Pogodaev, Semyon Podvalny, Pavel Saraev, Alexandr Galkin


Development of method of calculation of structure parameters of hot-rolled steel strip for sheet stamping

Anatoly Aldunin


Metallurgical design of boron microalloyed steels for forged components

Paolo Emilio Di Nunzio, Maria Richetta, Andrea Di Schino


Thermo-mechanical study of rapidly solidified amorphous PdTiZrCuSn alloys

Georgi Stefanov, Stoyko Gyurov, Tomasz Czeppe


Enhancing the composition of the polymer compound on the basis of the “Composition-property”model

Anatoly K. Pogodaev, Sergey G. Tikhomirov, Anatoly A. Khvostov, Olga V. Karmanova, Semen L. Podvalny


Improvement and theoretical study of new technology of forging of blanks such as “SHAFT”

Aygul Kulzhabayeva, Evgeniy Panin, Toncho Koinov, Aynagul Toleuova


Chemical resistance of steel 13CrV (RUS 13ХФА)

Anton S. Tyusenkov


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