Volume 52, Iss. 3, 2017

Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

52, Iss. 3, 2017
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Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
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University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
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Preparation of gold loaded micelles based on poly (ethylene glycol) - b - poly (4-vinyl pyridine) copolymers as a tool for biomedical applications

Stefany Vircheva, Rayna Bryaskova, Stoyan Miloshev, Rumiana Tzoneva, Nikolay Dishovsky


Application of a new tri-functional epoxy prepolymer, triglycidyl ethylenе ether of bisphenol A, in the coating of E24 steel in 3.5 % NaCl

Rachid Hsissou, Hayat Benassaoui, Fouad Benhiba, Najat Hajjaji, Ahmed Elharfi


A statistical analysis on the wear behaviour of an epoxy resin, reinforced with biaxial glass fibers, silicon carbide and aluminium oxide

T. Narendiranath Babu, R.V. Mangalaraja, Mayank Agarwal, D. Rama Prabha


Interaction between fibroin and alginate in the corresponding blended films

Antony Kolev, Violeta Vassileva, Hristo Georgiev


Synthesis of hydrophilic and hydrophobic xerogel

Petar Ivanov, Bogdan Bogdanov, Yancho Hristov


Reactive distillation for ethyl acetate production

Chavdar Chilev, Evgeni Simeonov


CFD simulation of parallel flow mixing in a packed bed using porous media model and experiment validation

Kamyar Mohammadpour, Hermann Woche, Eckehard Specht


The effect of single spheres placing on temperature fluctuations reduction at a T-junction

Seyed Milad Mirabedin


Adsroption of cationic dye onto low-cost adsorbent synthesized from bentonite clay

Part I. Kinetic and thermodynamic studies

Ajemba Regina Obiageli


Adsorption and kinetic behavior of fly ash used for the removal of lead from an aqueous solution

Ishwardas L. Muthreja, Ajay K. Agarwal, Mahendra S. Kadu, Chandrashekhar P. Pandhurnekar


Enzyme based methods for lactate determination

Andriana Surleva, Anna Marinova, Vladislava Ivanova, Robert Gradinaru, Stela Georgieva


Kinetics of the reaction between malachite green and hydroxyl ion in the presence of reducing sugars

Latona Dayo Felix


“Free” fatty acids in lignite humic substances. Source and distribution

Maya Stefanova


Ion selective determination of silver in solutions containing thiosulfate

Latinka Vladimirova


Morphology of intermetallic (Co-Sn, Ni-Sn) nanoparticles, electrochemicaly tested as electrodes in Li-ion battery

Valentina Milanova, Stela Atanasova, Georgy Avdeev, Ivania Markova


A comparative study on application of biogenic hematite and magnetite as electrode materials in hybrid supercapacitors

Christian Girginov, Svetlana Veleva, Stephan Kozhukharov, Antonia Stoyanova, Elefteria Lefterova, Mladen Mladenov, Raicho Raicheff


Complex reactions sensitivity to different factors: Numerical investigation of MoS2 reduction by hydrogen in lime presence

M. Mehdi Afsahi, Bahador Abolpour


Enrichment of a Nigerian fayalite ore by a hydrochloric acid solution

Alafara A. Baba, Jeleel A. Monsuru, Daud T. Olaoluwa, Ayo F. Balogun, Yinusa Abdulganiyu


High strength vanadium micro-alloyed steels for forgings: Influence of quenching and tempering temperatures

Chiara Zitelli, Giuseppe Napoli, Sabrina Mengaroni, Andrea Di Schino


Study of the effect of temperature changes on the behaviour of supersonic gas jet in an LD converter – Part I

Belahouel Mohamed, Abdenbi Abdelali


Study of silicophosphate materials based on enrichment wastes

Sholpan N. Kubekova, Gulnur T. Ibraimova, Viktoria I. Kapralova


Getting energy from poultry waste in Jordan: Cleaner production approach

Motasem Saidan, Hussam J. Khasawneh, Mohammad Tayyem, Mohammed Hawari


Quality assessment of the water resources intended for water supply of Varna region, Bulgaria

Anna Simeonova, Rozalina Chuturkova, Dora Slavcheva, Sofiya Kiryakova


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