Volume 44, Iss. 4, 2009

Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

44, Iss. 4, 2009
ISSN 1311-7629 (print)
ISSN 1314-3859 (on line)

Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
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University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy,
8 Kl. Ohridski ., 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
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Enantioselective organozinc-catalyzed additions to carbonyl compounds – recent developments

V. Dimitrov, M. Kamenova-Nacheva


chemical technology

Preparation of protein repellent PEI/PEG coatings and fibronectin reorganization study on the coated surfaces

G. Altankov, T. Vladkova, N. Krasteva, A. Kostadinova, I. Keranov

Iinfluence of fatty acid zinc salts on the properties of styrene butadiene rubber based composites

M. Mihaylov, M. Ivanov

Macromolecular design of novel dibloc copolymers via raft/madix living radical polymerization

I. Denev, D. Christova, I. Markova, J. J. Robin

Examination of defects in container glass due to crystal inclusions

I. Mihailova, P. Djambazki, D. Koleva

The role of modified alumina support for the formation of active Cu-Co oxide phase - an xps investigation

I. Avramova, D. Stoyanova, N. Kasabova


chemical engineering

A method for the use of organic solvent nanofiltration to the study of plant extracts

Xiaoping Wu, V. Koleva, E. Simeonov, G. Nedeva

Temperature profiles during adiabatic fixed bed adsorption of water and organic vapours on zeolite 4A. Heat of adsorption

E. Ivanova, M. Kostova, G. Stefanov



Study on GC separation and mass spectral detection/fragmentation of dialkylphosphates as their pentafluorobenzyl derivatives

V. Bardarov, V. Atanasov

Effect of temperature on the direct conversion of the chemical energy of H2O2 to electric

V. Stefanova, R. Miletiev, M. Georgiev, D. Borisov



Perfection of mixing between gaseous fuel and air in industrial burners – technical and terminological problems

R. Stanev

Comparative assessment of the methods for destruction of cyanides used in gold mining industry

V. Kyoseva, E. Todorova, I. Dombalov

Web-based learning and self-regulation of the learning

S. Terzieva, M. Ilieva, I. Radonova


short communication

Determination of tannins content by titrimetric method for comparison of different plant species

M. Atanassova, V. Christova-Bagdassarian

On the 70th Anniversary of Professor Lachezar Angelov Petrov, D. Sc., Corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


In memoriam

Professor Dimiter Georgiev Elenkov, D. Sc., Corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1919 – 2009)


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