Volume 43, Iss. 3, 2008


Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

43, Iss. 3, 2008
ISSN 1311-7629 (print)
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Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
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Chemical Technology


Regularities of anionic polymerization of w- dodecalactam in the presence of a polymeric activator
Kr. Zhilkova, R. Mateva

Synthesis and modification of amphiphilic copolymers of N-vinylpyrrolidone containing nitroxide radicals
V. Konsulov, A.  Lyapova, G.  Petrov, B.  Eremieva, P. Saha

Polymer  composite material  with  abrasive  features containing  abrasive  waste
M. Koleva, Gr. Boyiadjiyski

Sulphur  in coals from the Sofia and Stanyantsi basins
K. Markova, J. Kortenski, D. Sumnaliev, G. Shopov, B. Mitovski

Protective coatings for metal surfaces from ethyl esters  of fatty acids  and  waste products of the oil industry
D. Yordanov, P. Petkov

Various variants to process the gasoline fraction  from thermal cracking 
D. Yordanov,  P. Petkov

The kinetic model of reactive dye fixation on cotton fibers
V. Vassileva, E. Valcheva, Z. Zheleva

Atmospheric air pollution by the gas emissions of coal-fired thermal power plants
II. Ambient air pollution of the Stara Zagora region from the “Maritsa East” power complex

A. Lenchev, J. Ninov, I. Grancharov

Chemical Engineering

Alkanes in zeolites - molecular simulations, empirical isotherms, mixtures
D. Khashimova, F. J. Keil, K. Kholmatov

Kinetics of the catalytic esterification of propanol with ethanoic acid using catalysts obtained from Nigerian clays
P. K. Igbokwe, V. I. Ugonabo,  N. A. Iwegbu, P. C. Akachukwu , C. J. Olisa


Investigation of “structure-activity” relationships of new Pt(ii) and Pt(iv) complexes with some 5,5-disubstituted hydantoins and 1-aminocycloalkanecarboxylic acids
A. Bakalova

50 Years Department  of Physics - Past, Present and Future

In memoriam
Prof. D.Sc. eng. Nicola Nicolov Shoylev
Prof. Dr. eng. Alexander Draganov Stoyanov