Volume 52, Iss. 5, 2017

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Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

52, Iss. 5, 2017
ISSN 1314-7471 (print)
ISSN 1314-7978 (on line)

Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
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University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy
8 Kl. Ohridski, 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
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Antioxidant capacity of 1,10-phenanthroline, 5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline and their Pd-complexes

Mihail Neykov, Nikolay Kaloyanov, Boryana Mihailova, Ivan Goshev


Antioxidant activity and polyphenolic content of the Bulgarian wild herb Cistus Incanus L. stored under different conditions

Vanya Dimcheva, Maria Karsheva


Extraction of essential oil from bangle (Zingiber purpureum Roxb.) by hydrodistillation and steam distillation methods

Mahfud Mahfud, M. Dwiki Darmawan, Derrick Hertha Diamanta, Heri Septya Kusuma


Synthesis of compound-containing sulphonic acid from epoxidized methyl oleic of rice bran oil and linear alkylbenzene sulphonic acid

Ratri Ariatmi Nugrahani , Athiek Sri Redjeki, Yunita Teresa, Nurul Hidayati


Removal of Acid Red 1 from aqueous waste streams using peel of Cucumis sativus fruit. Equilibrium studies

Swati Khanna, Virender Kumar Rattan


Kinetic study of Acid Blue 1 discoloration with persulfate

Zeinab Ali Ayoub, Ogarite Ali Yazbeck, Mouhiaddine Mohamed El Jamal


The influence of washing treatment and macro non-uniformity on color reproduction of screen printed cotton knitted fabrics

Đorđe Vujčić, Branka Ružičić


Effect of copper and nickel supported activated carbon catalysts on the simultaneous adsorption/ozonation process of nitrobenzene degradation

Monia Guiza, Asma Abdedayem, Imen Ghouma, Abdelmottaleb Ouederni


An investigation on the possibility of fiberglass manufacture using a matrix obtained from water diluted mixtures of unsaturated polyester and polyurethane resins

Andrey Matev, Petar Velev, Michael Herzog


Characterization of gamma irradiated polypropylene with prodegradable additive

Petar Velev, Vasil Samichkov, Mladen Takev


Elaboration of advanced glass-ceramic glaze for anti-slip porcelain stoneware

Ester Barrachina Albert, Ivan Calvet Roures, Diego Fraga Chiva, José Antonio Martín Núñez, Stephan Kozhukharov, Juan Bautista Carda Castelló


Development and study of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of a new formulation of cement of a varying percentage of natural pozzolan

Khudhair Mohammed Hussein, El Hilal Bouchra, Mohamed Salahdine El Youbi, Elharfi Ahmed


Еffect of wheat straw and sunflower seeds husks as pore forming agents on the properties of porous clay bricks

Angel Georgiev, Albena Yoleva, Stoyan Djambazov


Synthesis of a new pet based benzanthrone probe for determination of pH and cuprum (II) ion

Polya Mihaylova Miladinova, Delyan Dobromirov Zhekov, Nikolai Iliev Georgiev


On the formation of solid solutions of blödite- and kröhnkite-type structures. IV. Synthesis, structural, spectroscopic and thermal investigations of Na2Co1-xMgx(SO4)2•4H2O (0 < x < 1)

Mitko Georgiev, Delyana Marinova, Tsvetelina Bancheva, Donka Stoilova


FTIR spectroscopy method for investigation of Co-Ni nanoparticle nanosurface phenomena

Ivan Zahariev, Mehmet Piskin, Emre Karaduman, Dimka Ivanova, Ivania Markova, Ludmil Fachikov


Phase composition, structure and catalytic activity in oxidation reactions of fayalite waste from the flotation of copper slag

Irena Mihailova, Lachezar Radev, Dimitar Mehandjiev


Preparation and characterization of lignite ashes coated with TiO2 for environmental application

Eleni Katsika, Angeliki Moutsatsou, Vayos Karayannis, Afroditi Ntziouni


Determination of total arsenic in fish oil by GF-AAS after separation/pre-concentration by solid phase extraction

Mensur Kelmendi, Sokol Abazi, Aziz Behrami, Fatos Rexhepi


Evaluating the heavy metals in dust pollution in cabbages in Kastriot, Kosovo

Kaltrina Jusufi, Majlinda Vasjari, Bardha Korça


Dependence of microelements and heavy metals content in soils of some regions of Kazakhstan on the organic structure and soil type

Kamalidin Sharipov, Aray Kingizbayeva, Kulshat Omirzakova, Aygul Batyrbayeva, Assel Toktabayeva


Application of “MET matrix” method in ouтlining the environmental aspects of a new insulation composite material

Stiliyan Stefanov


Electrochemical extraction of Pb and Zn from a collective concentrate using a sulfur-graphite electrode as a cathode

Azamat Yessengaziyev, Bagdaulet Kenzhaliyev, Ainur Berkinbayeva, Rustam Sharipov, Essen Suleimenov


Modeling and evaluating the important factors affecting the solvent extraction of lanthanum and neodymium from nitric acid solution in D2EHPA+Cyanex272+lactic acid system

Seyed Mohamad Seyed Alizadeh Ganji, Seied Ziaeddin Shafaie, Nasser Goudarzi, Asghar Azizi


Increasing of fatigue limit and efficiency of constructional steels through additional chemical and thermal treating using nitrogenous carbonaceous carburizers

Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Valery I. Kolmykov, Denis V. Ermolaev, Igor P. Mazur


Formation of non-uniform grain structure of steel in the process of heat treatment and method of evaluation of microstructure with significantly non-uniform grain

Oleg M. Gubanov, Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Valery V. Shkatov, Alexey А. Kozhukhov


Influence of material rheological characteristics on the dome thickness during free bulging test

Ivan Zakhariev, Sergey Aksenov


Application of new surfactants sintering agglomerate

Alexey N. Shapovalov, Roman R. Dema, Sergey P. Nefedyev, Constantine N. Solomonov, Rozina M. Yordanova


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