Volume 50, Iss. 2, 2015

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Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

50, Iss. 2, 2015
ISSN 1314-7471 (print)
ISSN 1314-7978 (on line)

Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
Tel: (+ 359 2) 81 63 302
University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy,
8 Kl. Ohridski ., 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: journal@uctm.edu


The present issue of Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy was published with the financial support of the Bulgarian Fund “Scientific Research”, Contract DNP 04/0044/12.12.2014.


Risks and health effects from exposure to engineered nanostructures: A critical review

Violeta Vasilevska Nikodinovska, Kristina Mladenovska, Anita Grozdanov


Synthesis and characterization of diblock copolymers based on poly (ethylene glycol) and poly (4-vinyl pyridine) via atom transfer radical polymerization

Stefani Vircheva, Rayna Bryaskova, Stoyan Miloshev, Nikolay Dishovsky


Influence of substrate thickness on the quality attributes of polymer materials reverse printed by screen printing technique

Mladen Stančić, Branka Ružičić, Nemanja Kašiković,Dragoljub Novaković, Rastko Milošević


Study of the application in the brewing of enzyme preparation, containing laminarinase and lichenase, produced from Trichoderma sp. 405

Nadejda Daskalova, Gabriela Marinova


Examination of the influence of the grinding degree and stabilizing agent on the rheological properties of aqua-coal fuel suspensions

Izzat Eshmetov, Dilnoza Salihanova, Anvar Agzamhodjaev


Specificities of the recirculating method for central Kyzyl Kum phosphorites processing to qualified phosphoric fertilizers

Umarbek K. Alimov, Shafoat S. Namazov, Ahmed R. Reymov


Investigation of porosity effects in the emission of pollutants in porous burners

Fatemeh Bahadori, Khadijeh Mirza, Alireza Behroozsarand, Sima Rezvantalab


Predicting the effect of cell geometry and fluid velocity on pem fuel cell performance by cfd simulation

Bahman ZareNezhad, Mohammad M. Sabzemeidani


Decision making for control of combustion process of pulverized coal

Kosta Boshnakov, Venko Petkov, Metodi Nikolov


Current oscillations in epoxy-coated steel at anodic polarization

Yordanka Marcheva


A study on the kinetics of the electrodeposition of ni, co and Ni-Co alloy in citrate electrolyte

Part 1. The kinetic study of the independent electrodeposition of Ni and Co

Katya Ignatova, Daniela Lilova


Kinetic study on electrodeposited Ni-Co alloy in citrate electrolyte

Part 2. The kinetics of joint electrodeposition of Ni and Co in ni-co alloy system

Katya Ignatova, Daniela Lilova


Microstructure of cast iron after plasma bleaching

Sergey P. Nefedyev, Roman R. Dema, Svetlana A. Nefedyeva, Aleksey V. Yaroslavtcev


Study of axial forces with the purpose to realize a combined process «helical rolling-pressing»

Abdrakhman Naizabekov, Vitaly Talmazan, Alexander Arbuz, Toncho Koinov, Sergey Lezhnev


Breakdown behaviour during reanodization of thick porous anodic alumina in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions

Alexander Zahariev


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