Volume 44, Iss. 3 (2009)

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Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

44, Iss. 3, 2009
ISSN 1311-7629 (print)
ISSN 1314-3859 (on line)

Prof. Dr. Bogdana Koumanova
Tel: (+ 359 2) 81 63 302
University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy,
8 Kl. Ohridski ., 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: journal@uctm.edu




Novel processing techniques and applications of austempered ductile iron

A.A. Nofal, L. Jekova


chemical technology


Selenite glasses containing Ag+ and Cu2+ ions as modifiers

A. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, Y. Dimitriev, R. Iordanova


Synthesis of submicron powders of ZnO and ZnO-MnOm (MnOm= TiO2, V2O5) by sol-gel methods

Y. Dimitriev, Y. Ivanova, A. Staneva, L. Alexandrov, M. Mancheva, R. Yordanova, C. Dushkin, N. Kaneva, C. Iliev


Preparation of magnetic Mg-Zn ferrite ceramic and evaluation of some important magnetic characteristics

V. Kassabova-Zhetcheva, L. Pavlova, V. Popova


Liquid fertilizers from potassium phosphates – composition and properties

K. Kamburova, P. Kirilov, L. Brakalov


Feedstock recycling of poly (vinyl chloride-co-vinyl acetate): alkaline dechlorination in organic solvents

J. Blazevska-Gilev, D. Spaseska


Silica products from rice hulls

I. Valchev, V. Lasheva, Tz. Tzolov, N. Josifov


chemical engineering


Computational fluid dynamic analysis of two phase jet mixer

C. Shanawaskhan, P. Kalaichelvi, M. Perumalsamy, A. Arunagiri


Adsorption separation of ethanol – water liquid mixtures by natural clinoptilolite

E. Ivanova, D. Damgaliev, M. Kostova




Kinetics of the oxidation of hcooh with KMnO4 over a wide range of pH

M. K. El Rifai, M.M. El Jamal


From 1-methylnaphthalene to aminobenzoyl-2-hydroxy-1-naphthyl hydrazone

K. Genov, D. Nikolova


A mechanism of anodic dissolution of molybdenum in weakly acidic and neutral electrolytes

M. Petrova, M. Bojinov


Chemical characterization of volatile organic components of Salvia officinalis using ultrasonic-assisted head space solid-phase microextraction and hydro-distillation extraction methods

M. H. Meshkatalsadat, Mohammad R. Poor Heravi, F. Rashidipour


Aapplication of ftir-spectroscopy for diagnosis of breast cancer tumors

M. Dimitrova, D. Ivanova, I. Karamancheva, A. Milev, I. Dobrev




Investigation on the effect of cold plastic deformation on the structure and properties of high nitrogen stainless austenitic nickel-free steels

L. Jekova




Estimation of mixing ratios of three component mixture using shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensor and neural network

T. E. Taha, M. A. A. El-Dosoky , A. M. El-Sayed


The present issue of the Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Mettalurgy was published with the financial support of the National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science, Contract DO 02/69/02.04.2009.