Accredited doctoral programmes in University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy – Sofia


Condensed Matter Structure, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Condensed Matter Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

High Molecular Compounds Chemistry

Bioorganic chemistry. Chemistry of natural and physiologically active substances

Differential Equations

Mathematical Modelling and Mathematics Application


Managing Computing Machines and Systems

Applied Mechanics

Electrical Technologies

Automatic Control Theory

Artificial Intelligence Systems

Engineering Work Automation and Automatic Design Systems (by fields)

Information Processing and Sector Management Automatic Systems

Production Automation (by fields)

Industrial Heat Engineering

Science of Materials and Technology of Mechanical Engineering Materials

Plastic Deformation Treatment Technologies, Machines and Systems

Casting Production Technologies, Machines and Systems

Science of Metals and Metals Thermal Treatment

Metallurgical Heat Engineering

Ferrous Metals Metallurgy

Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals Metallurgy

Inorganic Substances Technology

Electrochemical Production Technology

Fine Organic and Biochemical Synthesis Technology

Plastics and Glass Technology and Treatment

Chemical and Biochemical Industry Processes and Equipment

Varnishes and Adhesives Chemical Technology

Silicates, Binders and Refractory Non-metallic Materials Technology

Rubber Technology

Chemical Strength of Materials and Corrosion Protection

Fibrous Materials Chemical Technology

Semiconductor Materials and Electronic Components Technology

Natural and Synthetic Fuels Technology

Composite Materials Technology

Leather and Fur-Products and Tannis Technology

Shoemaking Technology

Printing Production Technology

Cellulose and Paper Industry Technology, Mechanisation and Automation

Forest Chemical Production Technology, Mechanisation and Automation

Technique of Labour Safety and Fire Equipment (by fields)

Ergonomy and Industrial Design

Water Treatment Technology

Air Treatment Technology

Waste Treatment and Recovery Technology

Systems and Devices for Environmental Protection

Education and Didactics Theory

Chemical and Technological Disciplines Teaching Methodology

Economy and Management (by fields)