Department of humanitarian sciences


Director:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ventsislav Gavrilov
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-117

Secretary: Margarita Cholakova
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-490


Department of Humanities


The Department was established in 2000 in order to provide for the training in humanitarian subjects and to monitor the quality of education within the operative internal System of Evaluation and Maintaining Quality of Education of the University.


The academic staff of the Department for the period 2007/2009 involves 17 lecturers – 1 Professor, 4 Assoc. Professors, 11 Senior lecturers and 1 Lecturer. Teaching assistant staff consisting of 3 people, presently - 1.

The Department of Humanities consists of 3 units:

Section of Humanitaristics and Ensuring the Quality of Education

Section of Foreign Languages

Department of Physical Education and Sport



Section of Humanities and Quality Assurance of Training (HQAT Section)

  • Section of Humanities and Quality Assurance of Training (HQAT Section)

Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Senya Terzieva
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-490

In the academic sphere the Section aims at developing students’ specialized knowledge and skills in the areas of communications, organizational development, ergonomics, philosophy, business psychology, technical usability, and pedagogy for secondary and tertiary education and others. Different courses are taught at the Section. Two elective humanitarian blocks are offered at BSc. level for all majors: the first one is “Philosophy” and “Engineering psychology and ergonomics”, while the second one is “Communications within the social systems” and “Organizational Development”. The course “The Human Factor in Production Systems” is provided for students with major in Production Safety and Protection at Disasters and Damages. The course “Business Psychology” is provided for students with major in Industrial Management. The course “Industrial Ecology and Design of the Working Environment” is offered at MSc. level. The courses “University teaching and research” and “Technical usability” are provided at PhD. level studies. The staff of the section is also busy with providing a comprehensive training course for students studying to get the profession “Teacher of chemistry and environmental protection”.


The main research areas at the Section are: Quality of training; University pedagogy; Methodological problems of teaching and learning; Educational technologies; Ergonomic research on academic and industrial environment; etc.


Along with its educational and research activities the section is also a main part of the Quality Monitoring Unit. The plans, methodologies and quality training monitoring are developed here; in conjunction with the main unit quality experts the quality system has been developed. HQAT teams analyze the system and propose corrective actions and also conduct pedagogical training course for teachers, which introduce the new higher education principles arising from the Bologna process, contemporary and fundamental issues of teaching, learning, assessment etc. at the university.


Section of Foreign Languages

Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitrinka Karamanska
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-494

The section of Foreign Languages teaches students in English, German, French, Bulgarian and Russian. At UCTM, the students studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees, both full-time and extramural students, undergo language training. The training is carried out differentiatingly as follows:

  • In all specialties /except those taught in a foreign language/ the foreign language teaching is mandatory and covers two terms, each term containing 30 classes;

  • In the specialties taught in foreign languages: in German, specialtyChemical engineeringfor Bachelors degree, in French, specialtyIndustrial Chemistryfor Bachelors degree and in English, specialtyMetallurgyfor Bachelors degree and specialtyMaterial Sciencefor Masters degree, the foreign language is maintained and improved both by teaching all subjects in the corresponding foreign language and by intensive language training for at least 4 terms.

  • In the educational and scientific Doctoral degree mandatory foreign language courses are carried out in the course of the doctoral training;

  • The foreign students have foreign language courses organized by the Department of international academic mobility and education;

  • The Faculty for Postdiploma, Parallel and Distance Education yearly organizes foreign language courses. For the current year, the Headway English course is topical.


Foreign language training at UCTM is provided by lecturers having permanent labor contracts and part-time lecturers. The academic staff of Foreign Languages section involves 4 Senior lecturers with permanent labor contracts.


The scientific and research work of the lecturers from the section of Foreign Languages is related to the methodical problems of foreign language teaching and more particularly, the translation as a methodical instrument for studying English, the bilingual environment and chemical technologies training, improvement of PhD students foreign language training, etc.



Department of Physical Education and Sport


Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Ventsislav Gavrilov

phone: (+359 2) 81-63-497



The physical education at UCTM has a strong, educational, professionally applied and social meaning. It maintains the intellectual and physical activity of students and develops habits for individual practicing of sport in students’ free time.

The students of all specialties at UCTM have 240 mandatory classes of sport in Bachelors degree in Football; Volleyball; Basketball; Tennis; Table tennis; Swimming; Fitness; Badminton; Aerobics; Callanetics; Karate; Tourism; Chess; Ski.

Sports improvement is a part of the mandatory elective training of students and is carried out through participation in the representative teams which present UCTM at different sports forums.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport organizes and conducts internal championships in different sports and the representative teams take part in the competitions organized by University Sports Association „Academic”. Also, competitions for secondary school students are organizedFor the UCTM Rectors Cup, which give the opportunity of useful interaction with secondary education.

9 lecturers, two of which are Assoc. Professors and the others are Senior lecturers, have been working in the Department for the period 2007/2009.

The scientific directions into which the academic staff of the Department of Physical Education and Sport carries research work are in the area of sports management; quality of sports education, referee training and selection, etc.

A Quality Monitoring Unit functions at UCTM. It consists of HQAT Section members and experts from the 6 basic training units. It develops and provides the University Academic Board with the Quality Policy, the Quality and Quality Procedures Manual. It conducts system audits of procedures for different processes according to the plan adopted. The Unit reports the results obtained and suggests corrective actions at University Academic Board Meetings.