Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Science


Dean: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Rozina Yordanova, PhD
Office: А216, А103
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-182, 81-63-356
E-mail: rozi.yordanova@abv.bg


Dean-Dean: Assoc. Prof. Irena Mihaylova, PhD
Office: B245
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-377
E-mail: irena@uctm.edu


Dean-Dean on scientific activities and business relation: Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Donchev
Office: B44, A343
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-466, 81-63-121
E-mail: dontchev@uctm.edu


Accreditation and Quality Assurance Expert: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Georgi Chernev, PhD
Office: A418
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-374
E-mail: g.chernev@uctm.edu


Inspector: Snezhka Tsvetanova
Office: A207
E-mail: snejka@uctm.edu
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-115


Commission on Training Activities
Candidate Activities Committee


General Assembly of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science
Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Valery Yordanov, PhD
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-413
E-mail: vjordanov@uctm.edu


Deal. Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Gavrilova, PhD
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-359
E-mail: r.gavrilova@abv.bg


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The Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science is an established center for the preparation of highly qualified engineers - bachelors, masters and doctors. In Bulgaria, only in the specialty "Metallurgy" of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, students are trained for all kinds of productions of the metallurgical industry, metal-casting and some branches of machine-building, making it unique for the country. The total number of lecturers in the faculty is 63, of which 36 are habilitated (28 associate professors and 8 professors). The training staff includes 13 chemists, technicians, technicians and others.

Energy and environmental efficiency in metallurgy;
Metallurgy and Management;
Metallurgy (teaching English);
Engineering materials and materials science;
Materials and Management;


In the structure of the faculty are included the departments:

Department of Physical Metallurgy and Thermal Units
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Krastev, PhD
Office: B124
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-358
E-mail: krastev@uctm.edu

Department of Metallurgical Technologies, Electrotechnics and Electronics
Head: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Rumen Petkov
Office:  A106
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-343
E-mail: cast-rum@uctm.edu


Department of "Silicate Technology"
Head: Prof. Dr. Eng. Stoyan Dzhambazov
Office: A320
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-370
E-mail: djam@uctm.edu


Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry
Head: Assoc. Prof. Veneta Parvanova, PhD
Office: B213
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-412
E-mail: vparvanova@hotmail.com


Department of Applied Mechanics
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Donchev, PhD

Office: B44, A343
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-466
E-mail: dontchev@uctm.edu


Department of Humanities
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitrinka Karamanska
Office: A99
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-490
E-mail: d_karamanska@uctm.edu


Department of Physical Education and Sport
Head: Assoc. Prof. Ventsislav Gavrilov
Office: B54
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-497, 81-63-117
E-mail: ventsig@uctm.edu


Center for Material Science
e-mail: materials@uctm.edu


Chairman: Prof. Donka Angelova, PhD
Office: A104, A139
Tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-353, 81-63-356
E-mail: donka@uctm.edu

Technical coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Rozina Yordanova

Office: A103
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-356; (+359 2) 81-63-354
E-mail: materials@uctm.edu

Center for Energy and Environmental Efficiency
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Eng. Emil Mihaylov

Office: A212, B112
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-102, 81-63-361
E-mail: emil@uctm.edu