Faculty of Chemical System Engineering


Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Pechko Djambov
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-322 ; (+359 2) 81-63-114
Е-mail: jambov@uctm.edu

Deputy Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Neli Georgieva
phone: (+359 2) 81-63-307
Е-mail: neli@uctm.edu

Inspector: Sevdalina Georgieva

phone: (+359 2) 81-63-114
Е-mail: fhsi@uctm.edu


Department of Chemical Engineering

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng.  Stiliyan Chaoushev

тел.: (+359 2) 81-63-294

Е-mail: tchaoushev@uctm.edu , tchaoushev@yahoo.com

The staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering teaches students at BSc. and MSc. level with major in Chemical Engineering. It is busy as well with teaching in German to students at BSc. level with major in Chemical Engineering and in French to students at MSc. level with major in Industrial Chemistry. Diplomas of both UCTM and of the German universities, partnering in the educational process are conferred to students taught in German. The education in French in Industrial Chemistry major has an accreditation from the French National Commission of Engineers’ Diploma. The Department trains PhD. students in the field of “Unit operations in chemical and biochemical industry” (02.10.09), “Technology of water purification” (02.22.02), “Technology of gas purification” (02.22.03). At the same time the Department provides training in “Unit operations in chemical industry” of the students at BSc. level with major in Chemical Technologies, Biotechnology and Ecology.

One foreign PhD. student and 13 foreign students had studied at the Department. Five professors from the Department were invited and worked at foreign Universities.

The staff includes 15 academic members 4 of which are younger than 40 years of age.

Two textbooks were published at the Department during the period examined, 3 other textbooks had their second edition.

The Department contributes to 3 international contracts funded by more then 300 000 euro. The principal fields of research activities are solid liquid extraction, adsorption of gases and liquids, waste waters treatment, treatment of solid wastes, transport phenomena in rheologically complex and living systems, and hydrodynamics and transport phenomena in magnetically stabilized fluidized beds.


Department of Automation of Production

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Vencislav Tzotchev

тел.:(02) 8163 328

E-mail: tzotchev@uctm.edu

The Department of Automation of Production was established in 1970. Students at BSc. level with major in Automation and Information technologies and at MSc. level with majors in Automation and Information Technologies, Information technologies and Quality engineering are trained at the Department. The latter can have PhD. students in the field of “Theory of automatic control” (02.21.01), “Artificial intelligence systems” (02.21.05), “Automation engineering and automation design systems (in branches)” (02.21.06),”Automation systems for data processing and control (in branches)” (02.21.07), “Industrial automation (in branches)” (02.21.08), “Calculating machines and systems of control”(02.21.11).

The staff of the Department provides the courses „ Industrial automation” for all students at UCTM, „Methods of experimental research and optimization” in German for students with major in Chemical Engineering Processes, „ Statistical methods” for students with major in Organic Chemical Technologies; „Modeling and optimization of technological objects” for students with major in Ecology, Chemical engineering, Inorganic Chemical Technologies and Chemical Engineering Processes; “Measuring equipment and automation” in German for students with major in Chemical Engineering; “Assessment of parameters and computer control”, “Experiment planning” , "Informatics part I “and “Informatics part III”, "Chemical process control" in French for students with major in Industrial Chemistry; “Computer technologies in environmental protection” for students at MSc. level with major in Ecology; “Simulation of pollutant distribution”, “Ecological monitoring, part II” and “Ecological audit and optimal solutions for environment protection” for students at BSc. level with major in Ecology. All majors pointed above are accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency with a „very good” grade.

The academic staff of the Department includes 4 Professors, 11 Associate Professors and 7 Assistant Professors. Most of the lecturers are members of different international and national scientific organizations. This results in benefits which refer to obtaining current information on the most recent world trends in the area of expertise affecting both the level of training and research work in the field of automation and information technologies carried out at the Department.


Department of Environmental Engineering

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Nikolay Kozarev

тел.: (02) 8163 318

E-mail: kozarev@uctm.edu

The Department of Environmental Engineering was established on March 30th 2011 with a decision of the UCTM Academic Board. It succeeded the Centre of Ecology, dexterously managed for more than 20 years by prof. Stoyan Stoyanov, DSc. Currently the Centre exists as a separate structure. Head of both the Department of Environmental Engineering and the Centre of Ecology is assoc. prof. Nikolay Kozarev, PhD.

Students in the Department have at their disposal modern equipment for training and research of the main environmental components – water, air, soil and waste.

Specialists with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Ecology and Environmental Protection – environmental engineers and Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection are qualified for carrying out organizational, design, research (requires a Master’s degree), operational, technological, expert, management and teaching activities in industry, organizations and enterprises oriented mainly towards the chemical, metallurgical, biotechnological and other industries, in which technological processes lead to pollution of the environment.


Department of Biotechnology

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Eng. lubov Jotova

тел.: (+359 2) 81-63-312

E-mail: lubov@uctm.edu

The Department of Biotechnology was established 25 five years ago. Since 2000 the Department is in the Faculty of Chemical and System Engineering.

The main objective of the activities at the Department of Biotechnology is to provide high quality education to Bachelor, Master and PhD. students and to develop research projects, concerning environmental friendly, sustainable and improving life quality technologies. One of the most important scopes of the efforts of the Department is to create new processes in traditional chemical industries as pulp and paper, textile and leather, polymer and material productions, based on biocatalysts and biotransformation phenomena, including bioengineering and bioautomation design. Biotechnologies of safety, pharmaceutical and biomedical application as well as those connected with food processing are developed as well.

Several research projects of national and international funding were carried out during the period 2007 -2009. The Department has 12 bilateral ERASMUS agreements with Universities in Greece, Germany, Portugal, UK, Romania, France, Italy and Spain. The Department is also involved in ERASMUS MUNDUS projects. Most of the partners are involved in the research activities of the Department. This provides a chance for the students at MSc. and PhD. level to work abroad on their diploma projects and theses. Ten students at MSc. level from Egypt and Palestine were trained at the Department.


Central Laboratory "NATO - defense technologies"

Head of Department: Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Tsvety Tsvetkov

тел.: (+359 2 81-63) 428, 429

Е-mail: nato@uctm.edu


Department of Economics and Management

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Dimitar Tenchev

тел.: (+359 2) 81-63-337

E-mail: dtenchev@uctm.edu

The Department trains students at BSc. and MSc. level with majors in Industrial Management and Economic Management. PhD. students work in the field of “Economics and management sectors of the farm” (05.02.18) and in “Organization and management of industry sectors “(05.02.21). The staff of the Department is also busy with economic and management training of all students at UCTM as well as with training in elected humanities disciplines related to communications management. Parallel and postgraduate education is carried out as well. The education activities at the Department are aimed at providing fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of organization, management, economics and fundamental processes related to chemical, metallurgical and related industries and training specialists at BSc. and MSc. level in industrial and business management.

The staff includes 8 Associate Professors and 3 Assistant Professors.

The research activities at the Department refer to the main areas of educational expertise, i.e. industrial management; practical and business economics; industrial engineering; marketing; management of human resources; projects management; strategy and corporation management; social policy and social methods of management; management of risk and investment; management of production; management of raw material energy consumption and energy efficiency; management of use of natural resources and sustainable development.