Faculty of Chemical Technologies



Dean: Prof. Dr. Eng. Vladimir Bozhinov, PhD

Office: A236; B180

tel. (+359 2) 81-63-169; (+359 2) 81-63-206

E-mail: vlbojin@uctm.edu


Deputy Dean of Educational Activity: Prof. Emilia Naydenova, PhD

Office: B129

tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-425

tel / fax: (+359 2) 8 68-75-43

E-mail: emilia@uctm.edu


Deputy Dean of Scientific Activity: Assoc. Prof. Rayna Brjaskova

Office: B232

tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-223

E-mail: rbryaskova@uctm.edu


Expert on Accreditation and Quality of Education: Chief Assist. Dr. Eng. Dimka Ivanova

Office: B154 and

tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-256

E-mail: dimkaivanova@uctm.edu


Inspector: Zornitsa Georgieva

Office: B206
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-113 |
E-mail: organkan@uctm.edu


Commission on Training Activities

Candidate Activities Committee

General Assembly of the Faculty of Chemical Technology

Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Veska Lasheva, PhD

tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-233

E-mail: vesla@uctm.edu


Deal. Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Gugov, PhD

tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-442

E-mail: i.gugov@uctm.edu



For the faculty

The Faculty of Chemical Technology is the largest in the UCTM. The teaching and teaching staff includes 72 lecturers, including 7 professors, 29 associate professors and 36 assistants. Of them 4 "Doctor of Science" and 69 "Doctor", as well as 21 chemists, technicians and technicians. The faculty has established traditions in the training of engineers in the field of chemical technology. Graduates of the Bachelor's Degree receive a Professional Qualification "Engineer-Chemist" and may continue their education at Master's and Doctor's Higher Education Degrees.

In the individual departments of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, scientific research is carried out in topical and priority topics for the world scientific community, as evidenced by the numerous scientific articles of the team published in leading scientific journals, which are part of the global system of referral, indexing and evaluation.


Technology of polygraphy;
Pulp, paper and packaging;
Fine organic synthesis;
Natural and alternative fuels;
Polymer engineering;
Technological design of textiles and skins;
Technology of glass, ceramics and binders;
Inorganic chemical technologies;
Electrochemical technologies and corrosion protection;
Bioenergy technologies and bioproducts;
Safety of production and protection against disasters and accidents.




The structure of the faculty includes the following departments:


Department of Organic Synthesis and Fuels
Head: Prof. Dr. Eng. Vladimir Bozhinov
Department of Organic Synthesis and Fuels
Office: B180
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-206
E-mail: vlbojin@uctm.edu

Fuel Line

Department "Fundamentals of Chemical Technology"
Head: Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Radev, PhD
Department: Fundamentals of Chemical Technology
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-282
E-mail: l_radev@abv.bg


Department of Polymer Engineering
Head: Professor Nikolay Dishovski
Department: Polymer Engineering

Office: A218
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-221
Email: dishov@uctm.edu


Department of Pulp, Paper and Polygraphy
Head: Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Bozhkova, PhD
Department: Pulp, paper and polygraphy
Office: A117
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-235
E-mail: mila.2005@abv.bg


Department of Inorganic and Electrochemical Manufacturing
Head: Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Fakicov, PhD
Department: Inorganic and Electrochemical Industries

Office: B152
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-251, (+359 2) 868-11-20
E-mail: fachikov@uctm.edu


Department of Organic Chemistry
Head: Prof. Emilia Naydenova, PhD
Department: Organic Chemistry
Office: B129
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-425
e-mail: emilia@uctm.edu


Department of Physical Chemistry
Head: Assoc. Prof. Angelina Popova, PhD
Department: Physical Chemistry

Office: B233
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-441
E-mail: apopova@uctm.edu


Department of Analytical Chemistry
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Andriana Sourleva, PhD
Department of Analytical Chemistry

Office: B327
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-403
E-mail: surleva@uctm.edu


Department of Physics
Head: Prof. Dr. Eng. Plamen Petkov
Department: Physics
Office: B164
tel .: (+359 2) 81-63-447
E-mail: p.petkov@uctm.edu